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            The export of Jiangsu Huaheng New Energy in the first quarter ranked fourth in the industry!
            Time:2020-04-22      hit count:695

            Recently, Huaheng received good news again! Under the global environment affected by the coronavirus epidemic, Huaheng relies on its core competitive advantages such as technology, scale, and customer service, lay out the overseas markets, and achieve good results in the export of solar cells. According to the latest data released by the Gessey Info, Huaheng exported 344MW in the first quarter, earning foreign exchange of $30 million, ranking fourth in the industry! At present, the company ranks first in the Indian market share! Ranked in the top three in the Korean market share! In addition to India, South Korea, Vietnam and other Asian countries, the company's market share in Europe, Middle East and other markets is also rising also. The vigorously growth of these markets makes the company firmly ranked in the top five of export in the industry.

            Since establishment in 2018, Huaheng has always adhered to the operating concept of "Made in China, Eternal Ingenuity", clarified industrial development ideas and strategic points. By introducing top experts in industry, it has formed an international R & D team and nearly 100 million yuan of R & D fund is invested every year, we are committed to creating first-class products in the industry. The efficiency of Huaheng's high efficiency monocrystalline PERC cell has breakthrough of 22.5%, the power of packaged component can reach 450W, the light decay of less than 1% (5KWH) and the electrical decay of less than 1.5% (0.5A110 ℃ 8H) can provide durable power generation capacity for the power station, with high conversion rate, high reliability, high output power and other technical advantages, Huaheng’s products are trusted by global customers. At present, the company has obtained the German TUV certification, the standard SGS certification and the certification by national photovoltaic product testing center, and Huaheng has become the strategic partner of world's top ten component supplier!

            Keep eyes on the target and move on, never stop in front of achievements. Huaheng will continue to cultivate overseas markets with leading technology, long-lasting quality and elaborate service to enhance the international influence of Chinese solar cell manufacturing brand.

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