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            Huaheng's overseas exports make a good beginning, January exports ranked third in China
            Time:2020-02-28      hit count:684

            According to the latest "China Solar Cell Export Data Report" released by Gessey Info, Jiangsu Huaheng New Energy's total export volume of cells in January 2020 ranked third in China with 127MW, increasing 97% compare to the same period last year. Among them, the export volume of monocrystalline solar cells is 32.49 MW ranked 7th in China, and the export volume of polycrystalline solar cells is 94.51MW, ranked 3rd in China. In the beginning of 2020, Huaheng's overseas exports showed a strong momentum and made a good beginning.

            Facing the increasing demand from overseas markets, Huaheng keeps an eye on the market, expanding international cooperation actively, expands and maintains overseas customers, and effectively promoting market development through technology updates and product upgrades. At present, the company's orders in the first quarter are in short supply, and 18 production lines have been fully opened and running at full capacity.

            In 2020, Huaheng will continue to use the overseas market as the marketing orientation, continue to upgrade its technology, continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, fully promote the company's overseas marketing strategy, as the result, the company will go further and further on the road of "internationalization"!

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