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            PV companies in China should use the new strategy in overseas market
            Time:2020-01-04      hit count:644

              When the pace of construction of the domestic PV market slowed down, we were delighted to see that the booming overseas market provided strong support for the development of China's PV industry again. While seizing the opportunity, we must be vigilant, look at the overseas market rationally, and control the of risk prevention. Remember the last time, when we face the opportunity of the overseas market, we have suffered a lot in the photovoltaic "double opposition" in Europe and the United States.

              Historically, whether in the United States or other emerging markets, frequent trade frictions have always been the norm in the international PV market, which has brought more uncertainty to Chinese PV industry exports. Undoubtedly, facing the international trade problems, the only magic weapon is to enhance competitiveness. Among them, quality is the lifeline of the enterprise and the industry. Under increasingly complex international competition, Chinese PV companies should avoid the old road of extensive development and volume competition, take the path of high-quality development, win the trust of the market with high-quality products and services, to win more market share.

              In the future, global PV installation growth will mainly come from emerging markets. In order to firmly occupy these markets, Chinese PV industry must give full play to the advantages of market, technology and industry-wide chain collaboration, build a linkage pattern between upstream and downstream industries from component manufacturing to power station development, and give full play to the superior effects of upstream and downstream synergies.

              Compared with the mature European and American markets, emerging markets are mostly developing countries and regions with less mature industries. When developing the market, it is more necessary to adapt to local conditions, to understand the climate characteristics, political situation, laws and regulations of the local market, and to develop local teams. From the perspective of long-term development, it may be difficult for enterprises to expand overseas markets separately. It is necessary for the entire industry to cooperate with each other to improve the overall response level and anti-risk ability.


            Source: Economic Daily

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