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          1. Into Huaheng New Energy

            A high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of high-efficiency solar cells

            Core values:?Integrity cooperation for win-win development!

            Business philosophy:?All for the customer, all from innovation!

            Corporate vision:?To be the industry leader with the most investment value in the photovoltaic industry!

            Enterprise spirit:?Lean manufacturing, keep ingenious!

            Enterprise talent view:?Integrity and bright, passion and wisdom!

            Production Workshop


            Product center

            There is hope in light, technology is cohesive, we only do battery chips!

            Process flow

            • 1. The texturing process

              The purpose of texturing is to form microstructures on the surface of silicon wafer (suede) and reduce the surface recombination of silicon wafer.

            • 2. The diffusion process

              The purpose of diffusion is to form the PN junction on the surface of silicon wafer, which is the heart of the solar cells.

            • 3. The etching process

              The purpose of etching is to remove the PN junction on the back and around the silicon wafer, and achieve the anti-PID function of the module through surface oxidation.

            • 4. The PECVD process

              The purpose of PECVD is to form an anti-reflection film on the front of the silicon wafer, reduce the reflection of light, increase the absorption of light, and passivate the surface of the silicon wafer.

            • 5. The printing process

              The purpose of screen printing is to form the electrodes of the cells, and the sintering process makes an ohmic contact between the metal electrode and the silicon.

            • 6. The inspection process

              The cells with similar efficiency and color are sorted out and packaged together.

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