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            Advantage one, quality management system. We know that 80% of manufacturing profits comes from management, and the remaining 20% is also achieved on the basis of effective management. To develop, we must constantly strengthen and improve our management, which is one of the most important keys for us to surpass our peers. Of course, there is no end to management. There is no best but better. This year, we still need to work hard to further implement refined and lean management. The indicators and measures of quality management shall be extended to each department of the company's operation and decomposed into each link of the company's production and operation, as well as any possible corner. So as to ensure the quality of products constantly upgrading, to ensure the continuous increase of production efficiency, to furthest improve customer satisfaction and market share, to enhance the visibility and reputation of the enterprise.

            Advantage two, energy saving measures. In the face of the severe market situation, we are fully aware that we must enhance our suffering consciousness and saving consciousness. In every aspect, we developed the good habit of careful calculation and strict budgeting. In every department, we formed a good atmosphere of increasing income and reducing expenditure. Meanwhile, we strictly adhere to the cost accounting system, reduce supernumerary costs.  We implement all management measures to increase revenue, reduce expenditure, conserve energy and reduce consumption, and strictly implement rewards and punishments.

            Advantage three, enterprise security management. Our staff firmly establish the thought that the safety is benefit, safety is development, safety is stabilization. Management personnel at all levels should take equipment, construction, firefighting and personal safety of employees as work priorities. Responsibility always be clearly delineated, with constant vigilance. We strictly implement the safety system, promptly discover and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards, resolutely put an end to all kinds of illegal behaviors, and ensure that no major safety liability accidents, such as personal injury, damage to facilities and equipment, fire, and so on to occur, so as to achieve the goal of the enterprise without the safety accident.

            Advantage four, enterprise culture construction. Corporate culture is a catalyst for the healthy development of enterprises. The company regards the construction of corporate culture as the focus of condensing the spirit of employees. We carry out various forms of cultural and sports activities, social activities and competition activities in combination with the actual conditions of the enterprise, so as to enrich the lives of employees, gather the strength of them, encourage and mobilize their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. And form a good situation of people with integrity and energy, social atmosphere with positivity and harmony atmosphere.


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